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Benefit Assistance and Disputes

Trust the Law Office of Susan A. Nunn to help you by providing benefit assistance to secure the benefits you need, and to help you with medical disputes regarding treatment.
Our goal is to help you get the help that you need when you have been injured on the job.


We have a variety of resources available for you to take advantage of when filing your claim and looking for a Workers' Compensation attorney.

Feel free to read through them and ensure that you are making the best decision for you and your family.

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About Us

At the Law Office of Susan A. Nunn, you will find a skilled, effective Workers' Compensation attorney proudly serving Santa Maria, California, and the needs of workers in the local area.

Serving the Injured

Workers' Compensation was designed to protect workers and give them the financial tools they need to handle the injuries that they receive on the job. Our office handles all types of injuries and works to educate and inform victims of the on-the-job injuries, and to answer any questions pertaining to your case. If you need assistance with medical treatment, you can also count on us for that.


Working with the Law Office of Susan A. Nunn is a simple, risk-free process for those injured on the job. We offer free consultations, a fee-contingent plan ensuring that we only get paid if you recover money, and personalized attention from an experienced attorney. With more than 20 years of experience handling claims, assisting with return-to-work programs, and resolving medical treatment disputes, you can count on Susan A. Nunn to ensure the timely payment of your benefits.


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